Lavorazioni Meccaniche Dalla Via Srl for over 40 years in the sector of milling and turning knows and knows how to deal with the problems of working on various types of metal.

The experience accumulated in these years has led us to equip ourselves with various areas to offer a range of additional services, to complete the work required:

- cutting (manual and automatic)
- burr
- tumbling
- washing and cleaning
- assembly islands and kittiing areas
- laser marking
- batch and product traceability
- surface treatments

Lavorazioni Meccaniche Dalla Via Srl is organized to serve companies structured both in MTS and MTO.
We support our customers with technical and logistical solutions more suited to their needs and for an adequate reduction of costs.
The production is calibrated on the medium series (from 25 to 5000 pcs / lotus) and differentiated by supply strategy (PUSH / PULL)