Milling area

Lavorazioni Meccaniche Dalla Via has been operating in the Milling sector for over 40 years with long experience in service to industry with WCM standards, thanks to the passion and commitment that are dedicated to each individual project.

Lavorazioni Meccaniche Dalla Via thanks to the experience and the use of high technology dedicated to each process is able to perform milling operations with high efficiency and high quality.

The CNC machining centers allow the milling of parts deriving from aluminum die castings, gravity aluminum castings, cast iron and drawn in ferritic steels up to a maximum weight of 15 kg.

4 distinct work areas allow for 4 response speeds to serve the customer:

- High rotation for small batches
- High productivity for medium-large batches
- Maximum productivity for large batches and items deriving from die-castings
- Maximum flexibility for a true KanBan service